Why write a personal diary or journal: The importance of expressing our emotions

por que escribir un journal online Scrivere un diario personale

Currently we live in a state of constant stress, and because of this sometimes we do not perceive how it affects us emotionally. Writing a journal is one of the ways in which we can do therapy with ourselves, through introspection.
Knowing ourselves deeply, analyzing our day to day, documenting our present events and even projecting our future.

Of course, writing a journal or personal diary helps us discover ourselves. Today we can say that this alternative therapy is the cheapest.

In fact, probably one of the ways we can incorporate writing into our daily lives is through a personal journal. In our personal journal we can write everything we want. The first thing that comes to mind. All that thought that is going around, without limits, or any rule.

Writing is one of the ways to express our feelings, frustrations and desires.

Why writing a journal is a way of finding ourselves

Without a doubt, writing a journal is an instrument to improve our quality of life, making us feel better through writing. Obtaining personal, physical, and above all, mental growth.

Currently many professionals advise that writing in a personal journal is the best way to express our experiences, emotions and also have clear objectives. In this way we can use this as a way to improve our emotional and physical health.

In addition, writing a personal journal is an activity that provides us with many benefits for our health. Some of them are: knowing ourselves, ordering our thoughts, writing out goals, helping our memory, encouraging creativity, among others.

Writing a personal journal allows you to organize your life and taking into account another perspective.

Some benefits of writing a journal or personal diary

Rearrange our life

There are situations that we go through in our life in which we cannot find a solution. Consequently, we feel trapped, overwhelmed, confused. As a result, you cannot face your emotions, doubts invade you and fear controls you. Writing a personal diary gives you the possibility to capture all those feelings. To relieve ourselves of all that controls us.

Being able to analyze our feelings with another look also changes the reality of the whole situation.


By expressing ourselves by writing a personal journal, we can see our emotions from another point of view. We can explore our feelings with another look. Therefore, to achieve rediscovery, exploring within ourselves. And find ourselves with a new, more objective look. Starting from scratch with new ideas.

Enhance our creativity

It should be noted that the fact of keeping a journal motivates us to capture our day, our ideas, our thoughts. In this way we make our ideas flow, managing to stimulate our imagination and creativity.

Reduce our stress

Taking into account, the circumstances that we can live every day, we can feel the stress constantly. Writing in a personal journal helps us unload all our thoughts that weigh us down. We find ourselves and discharge everything we feel, thus reducing our stress. Certainly, journaling is having an honest and open conversation that helps us find ourselves.

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