Cupid failed his exam

Día de san valentín festa di san Valentino Valentine's Day

I think we all believe there is nothing wrong with romance. Having a partner and giving him/her love may be one of the best experiences in life. But, where does all this Valentine’s Day come from?

Like many of the world’s major holidays, Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration that has its roots firmly planted in ancient beliefs and customs.

The date of February 14 is the one used to celebrate and honor Saint Valentine, the patron saint of couples and everyone who wants to get married. It was born approximately in the year 497 after Christ, through Pope Gelasio who some time before had prohibited the festival of the Lupercalia. This festival was held with the aim of warding off evil spirits and increasing fertility, and was also celebrated in the month of February. It is from that moment that, with the approval of the Catholic Church, parties are held celebrating erotic love and/or couples.

And with Cupid what do we do?

Cupid is considered the Roman god of sexual desire, eroticism and emotional feeling. He can also be known as the son of the goddess of love, Venus (the equivalent of the god Eros in Greek mythology). At the time of the Renaissance it had a great boom in society when it began to be very strongly the icon of Valentine’s Day, who still is today and many people claim that Cupid sends them a crush of irrational and blind love that makes them fall in love eternally.

How seriously do you take Valentine’s Day?

I think it is an excellent day to take advantage of and honor the love you may feel for another person. Also, for those who are single, I consider that there are susceptible people waiting to date and fall in love. On the other hand, those of us who are married or in a couple, it is a good opportunity to nurture love, appreciate the other person and plan or do things together that unite us more as a couple.

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