Total Quarantine it’s a huge mistake to me

cuarentena quarantine quarantena

I honestly don’t believe in this absolute quarantine. Considering the mortality rate, it will cause more indirect deaths due to the economic crisis (the last economic crisis is studied to have caused 260 thousand deaths in the United States alone). Only the exposed, students and educators, people at risk and coughing should do a quarantine. And when in doubt, others can wear a mask. Government it’s also giving subsidies instead of exempting or lowering taxes. Definitely, they love ruining our lives, controlling us with fear and taking our freedom from us.

Taking a look on what’s going on with Google and social media about this, I suspect this is going to mean a huge problem for freedom and free speech. It may be the perfect excuse to apply 21st century Nazism. Remember that Hitler, the impoverishing leftist, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize just before he started the war, and it was given to Obama just before starting several. No doubts, this can mean a very big setback for the world.

Quarantine is an opportunity for growth

On the other hand, this quarantine is still an opportunity to work on personal growth. Personally, the quarantine caught me in Oberá, Misiones. I am setting up the garden in the house we have here. I’m planting vegetables, maintaining the avocado tree, and I planted blackberries, passion fruit among other things.

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