Tips to transform technology into productivity

Today there is an addiction for everything. Every day we wake up we could say that a new addiction appears. One of the most famous addictions today is addiction to the Internet, or specifically to Facebook.

A few days ago I realized how Facebook depends on the Internet, the Internet depends on electronics and electronics depends on electricity. Now, thinking that currently, even in camping places there are electrical connections, which are usually very necessary, I wonder, is electricity bad? Doesn’t our lifestyle lead us to be too dependent on it?

The Internet, without a doubt, can and is taking the same everyday life as electricity. In fact, the children of tomorrow will not understand what it means to be online, because they will never stop being, and this for many can be something very disturbing.

I believe that the secret is not to lose our human nature, and seek a balance and not let ourselves be dominated by these things, but simply use it for our benefit.

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