Tips to transform technology into productivity

productividad usando el celular smartphone efectividad trabajo administracion del tiempo assistente vocale Smartphone

We are in an era of smart cell phones (Smartphones) with hundreds of thousands of applications and voice assistants that can and are available to do everything for our pleasure and pleasure. The only drawback is that many times they are more a distraction than a complement and help for our needs.

In this article the idea is to encourage you to stop looking at the cell phone exclusively as a tool for entertainment and virtual flirting, but rather as a device that can facilitate many of the things you may need to be more productive and more successful in your work , study or whatever the task you carry out as part of the society of the 21st century.

  1. Voice assistant:

If you buy a cell phone, take some time at the beginning to learn how to speak to the voice assistant so you can set reminders, load and activate your alarm before bedtime, put important dates and events on your calendar, send text messages quickly , call while driving a car or riding a bicycle, etc.

In my case, I have an iPhone and I use Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, for almost everything that can be used. I tell him to load events on my calendar at a specific time, I ask him to wake me up in 7 hours and he prepares the alarm at the corresponding time, I ask him to load me a reminder (reminder) and he does, he posts me things on Facebook , He sends me text messages, I ask him about the weather when I wake up, I ask him to read my e-mails when I’m in bed, or to quickly tell me the meaning of a word when I’m reading a book, to open it to me applications without having to look for them with my finger and until I activate the iTunes radio so I listen to music while I’m running or cycling. I know how to talk to Siri, she knows how to understand me; We are almost like best friends. Haha.

  1. Calendars:

Use your blessed calendar!

If you have exams, an outing with your crush or crush, specific tasks that you have to do in your work, travel, shopping, payments or birthdays, upload them to your calendar. And if you have something that is repeated every week, you can modify your agenda so that this event is repeated, if it is a birthday, annually, and if it is a weekly, weekly course.

Something I do is use my Google Calendar (you have to create or have a Google account: and configure it on your cell phone to synchronize and you can see the activities from anywhere.

  1. Alarm clock:

There are apps (mobile applications) such as “Sleep Cycle” or “Sleep as Android” that what you do is leave the cell phone covered in your bed and by the movements of your mattress and your pillows detects when it is the right time to wake up inside a time range in which it is the most appropriate. If you have trouble getting out of bed, it is possible that these types of applications can serve you. Other times, what is needed are vitamins or pills for depression, but for that go to the doctor.

  1. Use Evernote:

Evernote is an impressive tool for computer and cell phone that allows you to keep your ideas in writing, recorded with your voice, with a video or in any way, with a satellite record of the place where it occurred to you, with the date embodied, and also allows you to put tags (tags) that help you find the idea at the time you want to find it, in this way, to give it life.

  1. E-mails:

Set up your e-mail on your cell phone, but don’t make that hell. Assign one or several times of the day to read your e-mails and so that it does not become a stressful and time consuming task. On the other hand, assign personalized self-replies and categorize your emails so that they reach separate folders and you can dedicate yourself to reading only what interests you, and not things that only suck your time like leeches.

There could be more things to advise you, but I think if you put some of these tips into practice, your lifestyle could change for the better substantially.

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