The Vibration of Physical Books

A physical book to an e-book or digital book is not the same. It’s not because I stick to it, since I also read a lot of e-books and I’m a massive consumer of podcasts and audiobooks. It goes beyond one text shining and the other not, it is a matter of touch.

When we read a physical book our hands have a contact with the leaves; we can smell them, touch them and even listen to them, especially our subconscious part. This allows our mind to have a much more intense experience than we live when we are in contact with an iPad, a Kindle or any type of tablet. On the other hand, the leaves are in constant vibration, and the “uniform” vibration of an electronic device to that of a book is clearly not the same. All this may seem silly to the naked eye, but it is not. The experience of reading a physical book is much more intense and complex than that of an e-book, it is more natural and has a very deep mystique.

It is clear that reading digital books is not bad. Before, stones, papyri or codices were read until after the paper and the printing press emerged. The fundamental thing is the content, not the source. However, if you want to have a more pleasant experience, surely reading in paper mode would be more advisable.

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