The stereotype of the modern Western woman

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The modern Western woman is unfortunately swinging from one extreme to another, and all extremes are dangerous. In the past, she was subjected to customs and traditions that constantly trapped her under the power of men. Now, she is gaining all freedoms but decides to play dirty by using the best of both worlds. Her behaviors not only create walls between men and women but also indicate a pessimistic end for both sexes.

The selfishness of the modern Western woman

Women, by nature, have a level of selfishness, primarily for the survival of the species as mothers. The problem is that today, we have all become more selfish due to how society operates. More than anything, the modern Western woman might only start thinking about why she didn’t have children when she’s around 40. Furthermore, another factor is that women are taking selfishness to another level. Any man who dates an average Western woman can notice this.

Self-interested and lacking empathy

Men normally have a provider instinct, and the modern Western woman abuses that. From accepting dates just for a free meal to being in a relationship or marrying a man solely to receive goods, status improvements, or help in her job position. If they consider themselves attractive, they will sign up on dating apps with businessmen and seek a sugar daddy who drains their happiness in exchange for potentially instant benefits.

The problem is that this behavior leads to self-destruction. Most men will not take seriously a self-interested woman who only values herself for her beauty and is not willing to contribute anything to a relationship. The man will only take advantage of her youth or whatever her body can offer, and then they will discard her. In 99% of cases, they will not find an unconditional partner. They will be left alone and with no one. With a bit of luck, with some money.

On the other hand, the modern Western woman will only take advantage of the man, and when she has everything she came for, the only thing she is clear about is that there are new prey in the market.


Women have more orgasms, and psychologically there is an emotional effect through sex that has even been proven to leave traces of male DNA in women. On the other hand, casual sexual relationships can lead to feelings of emptiness or lack of meaning, especially if they are not accompanied by a significant emotional connection.

It is sad to see how many women, at some point, want a stable partner and live by posting provocative photos on social media. Unfortunately, the message they give to men is that they are looking for a man for casual sex and nothing serious. The emptiness and loneliness are inevitable. And when attractiveness starts to fade, the completely shattered self-esteem is devastating. It is a great scourge of the modern Western woman.


Women, in general, have a much greater weakness than men in buying into the trend of many people on Instagram. Influencers or friends who often show an idealized version of their lives, highlighting happy moments, extravagant trips, gourmet meals, luxury products, and perfect bodies. This leads to perceiving the superficial, unreal, or inauthentic as real, calling for the constant search for approval and validation from others through posting content that reflects an exciting, successful, and enviable life that they likely do not have. It is regrettable to think that this is an end in itself for happiness, but it is a constant void.

Women, seek unconditional love as an end and not easy money; leave a legacy in others and not a glamorous photo on Instagram. Do not trade moral values for security or status for love.

To be fair to women, another day I will also take the time to talk about the modern Western man. Another quite particular case.

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