The Berlin Wall: We Learned Nothing

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The famous Cold War was ending. Undoubtedly, a period of almost a century of Soviet communism, subduing poverty, indirectly caused deaths, and in some cases silencing and murdering, for opponents and innocents. This generated that Germany, divided between communism and capitalism, had to live in a world, obviously created by the communists, that separated the communists from a better world. The Berlin wall was the gap that separated obscurantism from a free world. A world with merit, a world that promotes equality before the law and diversity of ideas and the permission to be who you are without any fear.

The Berlin wall wasn’t enough

Today we remember a past from which we say we learned. Although sadly in recent years, with the help of social networks and the technology that theoretically, it was created to liberate us, we saw the opposite. With the mercenaries of the mass media and the State, we do not stop realizing that we did not understand anything. If we should have learned anything, it’s what Nietzsche said well, that the State is the biggest liar, financed with the money stolen from us.

The State is called the iciest of all cold monsters. He is cold even when he lies; and said lie is the one that slips from his mouth: “I, the State, am the people.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Unfortunately, I emphasize, we did not learn anything. To date, everything that science has said is an old concept that has mutated into the so-called common interest. Everything that science says against this new concept is censored and suggested not to be shared. There is no free world anymore. Remains only a world oppressed by the lack of common sense. And what can we say of common sense, if in the same universities many of their students declare that there are more than 100 genders? I wonder what position a doctor will take when a patient shows up saying that he is not a man or a woman.

The constitutional rights that use to guarantee freedom

The constitution that provided freedoms and rights is no more than a manual of permissions that can be interrupted on special occasions. Events that kill less than many other things that history has already suffered. The medicine that took 10 years to send a product to the market to prevent unexpected results, now in association with the Big Liar offers its experiments in a massive, coercive and irresponsible way. The consequences are unexpected.

End of one story, beginning of another

On November 9, 1989, the communist regime, pressured by thousands of protesters, decided to grant freedom of movement to its citizens, allowing them to travel to the other side of the wall, allowing them to see the free world. At what cost? The cost of seeing how these absurd ideas, without common sense, without real science and with a lack of data, spread throughout the globe.

Christians don’t want to go to Heaven

Even Christians who say they want to go to Heaven, it really seems that they want to stay here, and very well protected, swallowing germs that their body expelled from their mouth hours ago, already recharged and ready to enter again and ruin the defenses of the so-called “temple of the Spirit”. They continue to consume highly flammable and carcinogenic sunflower, corn, canola and soybean oil, but they are not going to go with the Lord with the new inflated trending topic. Of course we have to be responsible, but if we are going to be responsible, let’s do it with more seriousness and with accurate data, and not biased.

Let’s allow the benefit of the doubt again. And let’s not eat the discourse of those who claim to promulgate the lying common welfare. We should already know that this well-being is designed for a few, just by seeing how the beautiful and functional invisible hand was totally muddy with manure. The State that impoverishes everything and everyone, ruins, biases, indoctrinates and complicates our life.

Did we learn anything from the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall was not something that happened only to Germany, it happened to all of us. One question we have after twenty years is: what have we learned? The day the wall fell, was the world unified or further separated, but in the long term?

On the other hand, now the walls have to be so that the “communists” do not jump into what in the past was a free world, instead of avoiding that the “deceivers” escape. Curious, right?

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