Stress: Today’s Syndrome

estres lo stress

Stress is quite a topic today. Life circumstances make people feel tired and pressured both mentally, physically, or even emotionally.

Of course, when we face extreme situations, we function with adaptive mechanisms in which the body, emotions and mind are put into play.

This mechanism was defined as General Adaptation Syndrome. To refer to this syndrome, the term Stress has been adopted. It is a response that occurs in the body to unexpected situations.

Stress is considered a form of emotional reaction. It is variable from one individual to another, since the current situation, history and life experiences are put into play.

This syndrome manifests itself through signs. Among them are heart rhythm disturbances, sweating hands, feelings of nausea, back pain, digestive system disorders, headaches, vertigo, skin problems, migraines, fatigue.

There are also changes in mood, such as anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, discouragement, impatience, irritability, restlessness, among others.

Behavior alterations such as aggressiveness may appear, as well as sleep disorders, alterations in social activity and in the emotional area. Absence of recreation time. Language disturbances such as talking too much and yelling. Others are alterations in behavior, such as leaving tasks unfinished, multitasking, and forgetting.

Stress from lack of peace

Many of these disorders can be caused by lack of peace.

Emotions, without a doubt, can play an important role in our life. Worries, fears, hatred and bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness bring confusion and can cause stress.

However, we have more reasons to be happy and move our life forward. The fact of being alive, of having people who, despite their defects, love us, and also having the ability to read this text are simple examples. Avoid stress and start forgiving and thanking. All the best comes from a grateful heart without grudges. The best is surely yet to come. Stop the stress, start doing something amazing.

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