Organic Products and Consumption

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The truth is that I first want to clarify that I am not consuming organic products all the time, especially when I am in Argentina, since the prices here are very high and also is hard to find. That does not take away my recent growing taste for wholesale shopping. Definitely buying organic even with expensive prices can be an excellent option.

I recently met the owner of Hatton Naturals. Shabeen distributes organic products, be they herbs or spices for organic tea. Products from Albania, Sri Lanka, India, China, etc. that are sown and harvested with healthy practices for the earth, the ecosystem, and also in a sustainable way.

When I refer to “organic” I talk about how you grow and process the food in the field. And when I refer to that, I speak especially of what it means to the United States. I say this because each country has its rules. I’m talking about not using pesticides, bioengineering, petroleum fertilizers, etc. The same for meat, eggs and milk. These animals also have to live far from all those pesticides and feed on organic products, without receiving hormones or any type of drug that was not 100% natural.

Ideology of Organic Products

For organic products fertilizers such as animal poop are often used. When there are weeds, everything is done naturally, without using any herbicide, especially those that are generally used in the industry that are very strong chemicals. In addition, pests are controlled naturally.

The same goes for organic meat and eggs, since they receive organic food without any added hormones or antiobotic. Livestock also receives rotational grazing and has access to the outside, unlike the industrial system.

The benefits of organic food.

It should be noted that the method used to grow or raise animals has an influence on our environment. Also the quality of the product that arrives at our table. As a result, many food allergies when eating organic disappear and the quality of life improves.

On the other hand, organic products are not preserved long and are fresher. For this reason they have no preservatives that make it last longer.

Therefore, we need to do agriculture that takes care of our ecology to ensure a future for the next humans who want to enjoy the planet for longer. Plantations and organic products have an important impact in favor of pollution, water conservation, soil erosion reduction, sustainable use of electricity and land fertility.

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