Money is what everyone (or almost everyone) asks, wants, wants, hopes, needs, claims and dreams of having, but very few have enough money to be satisfied, and the worst thing is that they feel frustrated to get that happy money It can cost to earn by working on something that at least 75% of workers do not like to do.

Many ask me how I make money, and when I tell them that I do it working on the internet they never really understand. They think that I live from a fantasy or that I do something too complicated (which I sometimes do, but it is an optional 10% of my time). The truth is that making money online and having a job without a boss is increasingly common in developed countries and even in developing countries, it is not long before it becomes a trend.

My first “aha moment” (click) was when I made my first 100 dollars with Google Adwords with a blog and forum back in 2008. Then when I got programmers from Asian countries to help me in projects for very little money giving me room to sell to Higher cost to local customers.

An epic moment was when I took a belly and was neglecting my weight a lot and started reselling books given by Amazon and in my spare time cycling while I started writing articles for money. That’s why today people ask me:

1) How did he ride a bike and write.

2) How he made money writing articles.

Answer 1 is very easy. It was simply a stationary bike, and on the other hand, after a while of exercising you get used to it and you start doing it by inertia and you can even bike at an accelerated pace for hours (the problem is the first times when you stop exercising.

Answer 2 is a bit more complicated, but I could say that I registered on freelance work platforms and from there I offered my services and gained a reputation. That simple job was the one that leveraged me with capital and knowledge to be doing another job today that satisfies me professionally and makes me earn money in a way that I like and in the future has more and more potential.

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