Mindifi and sleep hypnosis

hipnosis del sueño
hipnosis del sueño

This I would say is the most innovative thing I saw in my life. I was always in need of something that would help me sleep and at the same time, wake up on time. A week ago I downloaded from the App Store on my iPhone an application for sleep hypnosis made by Mindifi. Unfortunately, I did not get free, since I had to pay for the different modules I wanted to use, including “sleep like a baby” or “wake up early.” The point is that I was a bit skeptical about the matter, but, as I always like to experiment, I did it and I don’t regret it.

It is an App that from the beginning starts with a light and pleasant music, and then it gives you instructions to relax, you stay in a comfortable place and go programming your mind to wake up without the need for an alarm clock, at the time you You want to wake up.

The first time it happened to me that I used the wake up early module and went to bed at 12 p.m. The problem was that I woke up 4:30 in the morning with a very good mood and smile on my face and then I could not go back to sleep and it was an early Sunday. Then I understood the dynamics and began to enjoy it. A detail and recommendation to do, especially for the care of the battery of your phone or device, is that you configure the option for the App to close as soon as the session is over.
Another thing to note is that the Mindifi App is paid, but perhaps there are other free ones that work, or others that are cheaper.
If you are having trouble sleeping, I recommend it. Search, try and experiment.

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