Is it possible to make money on the Internet?

money on the internet income

This article is about testing new things to make money on the internet. About my question: Yes. That was my question years ago. And maybe is your question right now.

Making money on the Internet and my story

This is my story. I was working on IBM and dealing with a lot of stress. My family was happy with me for being working on a corporation. I really love working and being helpful, but I was having panic attacks caused by the stress of not enjoying my life.

Yes. I was having panic attacks for the simple reason of not having time of doing something that fulfills my life. My goal in life is leaving a legacy to the world by doing something managed by myself. I don’t know about you, but personally I want to live my life on my terms and change other people’s lives in the process.

I want you to be successful. Probably success is not for everyone. Although, if you’re reading this article the possibility is higher than many other people in the world. You also need to have the desire of experimenting new things and try until you find your dream job.

My Online Income Experiments

I started by working writing content, composing music, MLM, doing affiliate marketing, offering language classes, having a Christian forum with Google Ads, etc. All without success. And then I tried again writing content on Fiverr and I started making some money until I got tired of doing it. Then I started developing as a freelancer and working as a SEO and WordPress specialist and I started seeing real money.

Then I understood that maybe my confidence and the way I do things is the reason I get the money and all the goals I usually accomplish.

For that reason I started taking courses and reading books about success. Reading the biography of Rockefeller, watching Youtube and also contacting millionaires on Snapchat. Actually one of them answered me while driving a Ferrari. That was crazy!

I decided to stay focused on creating different businesses and having customers that bring me enough money. By creating and testing new business I would potentially the right one or one of right one. In contrast I have customers who receive my services monthly and as a result I have the finances and income needed to finance my entrepreneurial dreams.

Last Money on the Internet Experiment

One of the business I’m restarting right now after investing on John Crestani and Merlin Holmes is affiliate marketing. The idea is running ads and sending emails recommending a product or service and getting money in exchange when I get a sale from that. I just started and I’m generating about 600-700 hundred dollars a month which still is not the promissed land but I already recovered the money I invested on the courses last month actually started making 100% profit from it.

Did you also try affiliate marketing before? I recommend you testing again. I suggest you starting with The Super Affiliate System. Please, let me know how it goes. The good news is that if something goes wrong you can get your money back.

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