Londrina vs Curitiba

Londrina vs Curitiba

Since this whole pandemic thing started, considering that Brazil wasn’t taking away individual liberties as other countries, with my wife we decided to take the opportunity of travelling around the different cities Brazil has. We started by spending a few months in Rio de Janeiro doing the residency and then we went to the south, which is more prosperous, clean and safe. Long story short, Curitiba was the city that caught my attention the most, but I always heard Londrina was better and I had been longing to see if it was so, until now. After living in both of these cities from the State of Paraná, the Londrina vs Curitiba competition is over and I can say that Londrina can’t compete against Curitiba. And I will explain why.

The Parks of Londrina Vs the parks of Curitiba

With my wife Marina at the Botanical Garden in Curitiba

Honestly, the parks of Londrina are literally a piece of crap. It is incredible, in general, how ugly they are and poorly maintained. Instead, Curitiba has one park better than the other. I can’t forget to mention Barigui and Tanguá parks, which are impressive. Especially Barigui. The first month staying in Curitiba we lived near the park and it was the most beautiful part of the day hiking, getting some air, drinking some mates and, of course, enjoying the view of the nature. In particular, looking at the local capybaras and ducks. On the other hand, Londrina has the Igapó Lake area. The truth is that it has nice spots, but it is not very well maintained and there are clouds of mosquitoes all over the place. It leaves much to be desired. Especially when comparing to Curitiba.

One of the main reasons why Londrina can’t compete against Curitiba is for this very reason. The public sector does not do its job. If you have parks and public spaces in your position, take care of them. Otherwise, they should hand them over to the private sector and then create policies in order to make sure green and public spaces remain.

With Marina in Londrina

Private sector

When it comes to the private sector, if I have to be honest, Londrina is not that bad. Although it is annoying to see how most of the downtown establishments close too early and do not really want to work. Although what is private investment is perfect. There is a lot of construction, a lot of entrepreneurship and an interesting variety of markets and variety of prices.

A planned city against a diaper baby

Why Londrina can't compete against vs Curitiba

Curitiba has no comparison. It is a planned, developed, already armed, smart and well-maintained city. Londrina, on the other hand, is still in its infancy. I don’t know what it will be like in the future, but you don’t have to go far from the city to see towering buildings attached to large grasslands. Also in Londrina you can’t even walk. It looks like a city made for cars and nothing more. In Curitiba there are also many condominiums and this does not happen. There are not many signs for pedestrians, not enough traffic lights, the buses do not have clear stops, and if there are, they are not respected, etc. In fact, in the first week I almost got run over because I had nowhere to walk. It’s a disaster.

I’m sorry to say it, but I don’t feel like going back to Londrina, Paraná. It is sad, but I won’t miss its buildings built next to serpentine wastelands. I think it was more than clear why Londrina can’t compete with Curitiba. The people are very cool, actually nicer than in Curitiba, but that cannot make up for how much the city still has to do.

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