Here in this page we want to give you a brief explanation of how write your ideas on our online journal system works and what each of the 7 stages consists of. First of all, to access it is necessary that you register for free. To do so you can go directly to

Steps to write on the online journal

  • Phrase to read and think.
  • Gratitude.
  • Perfect day.
  • Daily affirmations.
  • The most annoying task.
  • Good things of the day.
  • How to improve your day.
  • Phrase to read and think
  • Reading the phrase and reflecting on its meaning will help you open your mind and also be able to reflect and inspire you to have a successful day.

The peculiar thing about the quotes is that we do not always understand the true meaning that the author wanted to give them. What commonly happens is that we relate it in a different way. In fact, if you reread that quote a while later, perhaps its meaning is not even the same as at the time you wrote the journal. The idea is that each phrase is inspirational and contribute something special and positive to your day to day.


Without a doubt, gratitude is one of the key points for success. Being aware of everything that surrounds us and knowing how to be grateful is the key that opens a great door of blessings. Write on our online journal to thank and acknowledge everyone for the good people and things that happen in your life.

Perfect day

It is not the intention that because you say what your perfect day would be like that means that you are going to have a perfect day. Hopefully you have a perfect day and record it in your journal, but at least you’re going to try to make your day the best it can be. Remember to always aim for the stars. You may fall short on the journey to them, but hopefully you will reach the moon.

Daily affirmations

Saying “I am happy and grateful now that I have my ideal weight of 60KG and I am also in good health” or “I am a successful salesperson”, or “I earn xxx money per month” are ways to prepare our mind to that reality of success. If you are consistent every day repeating these affirmations until you achieve it, what you will achieve is to define yourself in your mind as that person. By doing this, your unconscious will look for a way to give you solutions and opportunities to become that person you are claiming to be.

The most annoying task

The most annoying task is related to the step of talking about your perfect day. The big difference is that in this case you can only focus on a single task. That is, that one task that can make all the difference in your day. Generally it is going to be an annoying, uncomfortable task that you are avoiding doing at all costs. While you write, the online journal will help you to recognize that task and make it, if possible, the first thing you take charge of doing in the day. Don’t let the day end without eating that toad.

Good things of the day

In this step you will be able to record all the good things that happened on the day. In other words, you will write about all the things you accomplished or the events that gave your day its special touch.

How to improve your day

Were there things you didn’t like about the day? What could you do to prevent it from happening again? Are you responsible for what happened?

In this step you will be able to check and analyze how to make improvements so that your days are more successful and satisfying.

Both this point and the previous one you will be able to complete it more at the end of the day or in the first hours of the next.


Be honest with yourself about what you write and remember to find a place where you can feel calm. On the other hand, remember that we do not urge what you record in your online journal and we try to maintain good security against hacker attacks. The idea is that you enjoy completing your journal and can write honestly and open up to your thoughts.

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