How to know when a man is violent

hombres violentos violent men uomini violenti

The profile of violent men is difficult to categorize by variables such as age, social class, education, occupation, religion or place of residence, as it can be configured with each of them. However, some of these variables may increase the risk of violent behavior.

The profile of violent men

Some characteristics of the violent man’s profile:

Desire for control

This type of person tends to live obsessed with exerting dominance over those around him, especially his partner and children. Everything must pass through his approval. If he has more than one child or pets, it is very likely that he will make them compete with each other.

Envy and spying: a possible indicator that something may not be right

They can become an obsession and are a significant indicator of their potential for murder. This also happens with somewhat psychotic women. If he has absolute control over your cell phone and interrogates you about your friendships and the time you spend with them, you need to be careful. Especially if his responses begin to take on an aggressive tone. Clearly, he resorts to annoyance as a way to intimidate and control.

Violent men and their double face

Sometimes a man can seem very funny, friendly, and charming in public, but in the intimacy of his home, he can be aggressive and violent.

Isolation of the partner

Some couples, for example, tend to impose social isolation on their family environment to exercise greater control over their victim.

Substance abuse

Although it is not the cause of violent behavior, it has been shown that there is a frequent association with the use of alcohol, drugs, or medications, both because they enhance anger and danger and because they inhibit self-discipline.

Repeating the cycle of violence

The more complaints and episodes of violence in shorter periods of time, the greater the danger of the aggressor and the helplessness of the victim.

Physical punches

The physical punches of this type of profile can be imperceptible or disabling. Usually, they are on the neck, head, and abdominal area during pregnancy. The worst thing is that this type of psychological profile of violent men usually enhances their levels of violence over time. This latter is very dangerous and can put lives at stake.

Irregularity in money management

It can have surpluses of earnings and losses and/or scams and make arbitrary decisions in the distribution of resources.

Threats of suicide or death, or psychological manipulation

It is very common to observe behaviors in which the violent man simulates or threatens suicide or the murder of the partner, children, pets, or a loved one. It is important to emphasize that they usually do not seek help voluntarily. Usually, this only happens if requested by the judge or if their partner is considering leaving them. Or even in situations they perceive as extreme. The problem is that in these cases, the individual can become unpredictable and dangerous.

Lies and alliances of violent men

The violent man usually lies and believes his own lies. He adapts everything to his own convenience. He often seeks allies and tries to involve the complicity of professionals and coordinators of self-help groups.

Sex with the violent man

Sex is no less among the typical behaviors of violent men. They usually use sex as a sign of power. In addition, they reproach women for what are actually their own shortcomings or problems, such as pleasure in intimacy, frequency, and duration of sexual intercourse.

Pay attention, report, and escape from violent men

It is important to recognize these warning signs and take measures to prevent domestic violence. If you or someone you know is in a situation of domestic violence, it is important to seek help immediately and report any violent men’s behavior. There are resources available, such as help hotlines, shelters for victims of domestic violence, and lawyers specialized in this issue. There is no reason to tolerate abuse, and no one deserves to be a victim of domestic violence.

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