How to get a wife and how I conquered mine

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It is important to clarify that this is my experience and getting to know a woman and successfully conquering her heart, even making her your wife, does not guarantee a journey free of challenges. Each love story is unique, woven with threads that intertwine encounters, distances, and decisions. There are no foolproof formulas or eternal guarantees, but amidst the complexity of relationships lies the magic of hope and love. Getting married is an important decision that goes beyond any common obligation of a couple. It’s about publicly committing to be with someone and share everything. Both in good times and bad. In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer. It’s about making love a daily decision and not just a feeling.

How I Met and Conquered the Woman Who Became My Wife

In the winding paths of life, our encounter took place in Oberá, within the welcoming walls of Katia’s house, a mutual friend linked to the circle of the noble Fernando, one of my dearest friends. It was a peculiar moment for me, marked by the recent echoes of a relationship that had come to an end and the anticipation of preparations for my imminent journey to the United States.

Closing a Chapter is Opening a New One

The emotional kaleidoscope that unfolded at that meeting in Oberá became a fusion of shared experiences and intertwined destinies. As I closed a chapter in my romantic life, our eyes met in a corner of the province of Misiones, as if the universe conspired to weave a new plot amidst farewells and new beginnings.

“Oh, Marina, thank goodness you added me! Otherwise, my heart would probably have been completely open to having an American wife, and this story would not exist. It happened like this…”

During those months, at the crossroads between the past and the future, we began forging a connection through digital messages. She was the one who added me on Facebook, and she doesn’t remember why. I held onto her enigmatic gaze when she greeted me that day at Katia’s place, but I let it fade like a landscape seen and released into forgetfulness.

The Journey and Constant Contact with the Woman I Conquered and Made My Wife

As I packed my bags for the journey, our conversations on Facebook and WhatsApp became a refuge where we shared laughter, thoughts, and even advice and unicorn stories to brighten the nights before sleep. If she hadn’t expressed a desire for friendship, I would have considered staying in Argentina. But friendship was what she wanted, and friendship was what I gave.

Deciding to Return and Seek My Future Wife

In the immeasurable canvas of time, five years passed like a symphony of pure friendship, often played through the virtual score of thousands of kilometers of distance. While my steps echoed on the pavements of Gainesville, Florida, her home was anchored in the serenity of Oberá, Misiones. Despite the geographic separation, the connection transcended space, as if our souls were intrepid travelers exploring the vastness of the virtual universe.

The opportunities and experiences in American lands presented themselves as tempting chapters, but the idea of returning to Argentina persisted in my heart. It was as if destiny conspired for my return to the country in 2016 to become the prelude to a new act in our shared story. I definitely found solace in feeding her moments of boredom or insomnia with peculiar magical unicorn tales that sometimes came hidden and invisible to the human world through a secret portal between the waters that divide the city of Posadas from Encarnación.

Love Eventually Arrives

Upon this return, the pages of friendship became denser, saturated with the promise of a love waiting for its moment. Each return to the homeland was like a verse anticipating the complete poem that was about to unfold between us. The distance, which had witnessed so many shared messages and crossed thoughts, now became the stage where the plot would unfold, with me as a husband and her as a wife.

The year 2017 in Posadas marked a turning point, but there was a farewell kiss that wanted to be and wasn’t. The romantic twist still hid between the lines of our story. It was in 2018, after my experiences in European lands, that I returned to Posadas with a clear purpose. Inviting her to go out marked a bold step into the unknown, towards a future we would write together.

Dating and Engagement in Buenos Aires

Taking her to Buenos Aires in 2019, after sharing our experiences through screens, added another dimension to our connection. The proposal in Villa Ocampo became the culmination of a journey that began in Oberá, a journey that traversed farewells, distances, and new possibilities.

For Me, the Conquest Never Ends, but There are Crucial Battles When Conquering a Wife

The year 2020, with the pandemic as a backdrop (that’s a whole other story I can tell you another time), just a week before it caught us, led us to a new act. We became spouses, defying uncertainties and writing a chapter of resilience and love. Thus, from the first sparks between Oberá and Posadas to the commitment in Villa Ocampo and the payments in Buenos Aires, our story intertwines with the threads of chance and determination. Because the good, without determination, patience, and perseverance, usually does not come.

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