Donald Trump is better than Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

Maybe, just all of the impression media implanted about Donald Trump are not true. Machista, homophobic, xenophobic, Hitler: the first three members of his cabinet are going to be a woman, a gay and a black. The wife is an immigrant. The daughter is married to a Jew. The prime minister of Israel calls him his friend. Employ and employ thousands of Latinos. The daughter, a woman, will be in charge of her company.

The reality is that today with 25-cent Obama that enters the United States, a dollar (debt) is spent, and it is the first time in the country’s history that more businesses are closed than are created. Donald Trump will have thousands of flaws and not being a puppet of corporations we cannot clearly predict what he will do, but voting for Hillary was to continue with a model similar to Latin America that definitely does not work.

The reaction of Dow Jones with the proposal of Donald Trump with his proposal to lower taxes? Rise!

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