Donald Trump and Abraham Lincoln – History repeats itself

Tomorrow is the day that Donald Trump assumes the presidency and with all that he thought of Abraham Lincoln. He was a Republican, and in fact the Democrats also boycotted his inauguration because Lincoln had different thoughts from the corrupt establishment, it was not good to speak in public like other politicians and, among other things, he wanted to free the slaves. History repeats itself.
These are the 10 laws that Abraham Lincoln wrote and are still part of what the Republican party represents:
1) – You cannot create prosperity, discouraging your own initiative.
2) – You cannot strengthen the weak, weakening the strong.
3) – You cannot help the poor, destroying the rich.
4) – You can’t help the little ones, crushing the big ones.
5) – You can not raise the employee, pressing who pays the salary.
6) – You cannot solve your problems, while you spend more than you earn.
7) – You cannot promote the fraternity of humanity, admitting and inciting class hatred.
8) – You cannot guarantee financial security with borrowed money.
9) – You cannot form character and value, taking away the initiative from man and his independence.
10) – You cannot help men permanently doing for them what they can and should do for themselves.

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