Close a stage of life

cerrar una etapa de la vida end a stage of in life chiudere una fase della vita

Unfortunately, time flies and it all happens when you open and close every stage of your life. Every day we see how time passes slowly through our eyes without haste, but at the same time in an accelerated way.

For better or for worse, it is necessary to conclude phases of our life. There was a time when you were a kid, but little by little you had to learn to mature. You may not have liked getting old very much, but if you remained with that desire to be eternally young, you would live in frustration, as you cannot stop the clock of life. For this you need to know how to pass the years and have the best possible attitude for the times to come.

Youth is not forever

I don’t have to try to be young all my life, because neither my mind nor my body are the same, and if someone looks at me, they can say that I am out of date in life. In my case, I’m already married right now. Therefore, I have a wife that I have to take care of and I cannot move irresponsibly. Going from being single to getting married was definitely a phase in my life that I had to close. Even if the important thing is not what you leave behind, but all the doors that open forward.

The same with clothing, because it is something that evolves, and keeping the same clothes as when I was a child is not a viable option. First because, unless I had a problem with growth hormones, they wouldn’t fit me anymore. Secondly, because it would be very worn and very old-fashioned, while still making a bad impression. “How they see you they treat you!” Said Mirtha Legrand.

Time when you close a stage of life

Even if we traveled through time, our perception of the past would still be something that has already happened. Being able to see it and intervene to change things, in addition to creating a space-time conflict, would not change the fact and the feelings we once had to go through. Wasted money, a deal not done, a failed project, a broken heart … Yesterday is a past phase and will never come back. So, we live today in the best possible way, because we don’t know if there will be another tomorrow, or at least not in the way we expect.

Our memories

Time and everything we have in our memories are just perceptions of the past. Whether if you close a stage of life or reinvent yourselves (if there is a difference), without realizing it, we are creating a record in our mind of that whole event. It’s sad to think about it, but sometimes it happens to me when I travel and go back to a place. In fact, I always remember my country in an idealistic way. Then I come back and when I realize it, my dear Buenos Aires is not as expensive as I remembered it. It’s not as bad as you might have imagined, though.

Just like with history books, memories written on paper or in the insane sticky web of our minds are relative. This is why I realize more and more that it is not so much about our memories, but about the inner peace that we are building on the set of memories of the past, the challenges of the future and the adventure of living in the present.

Who we really are

Looking in the mirror is an art. Do it. Think about who you are today and try to live life the way you are now. In short, closing a stage in life is trying to improve who you are, because, without a doubt, who you are today is all you have. Understanding this will give you more peace of mind and it will be an act of generosity with your mind so tired of thinking and thinking.

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