Christmas in Curitiba

Navidad en Curitiba Christmas in Curitiba Natale a Curitiba

We were looking for a different place to spend Christmas and we liked the offer of Curitiba for Christmas in many ways. From Parque Tanguá to Parque Barigui, its shopping malls, or its brilliant streets, Passeio Público and the Botanical Garden.

Christmas in Curitiba and Brazil

Brazilians take Christmas very seriously. They like to have their outfits, decorate and make Christmas an event. Especially in Curitiba, Christmas is part of the culture of the city.

The only thing that sometimes does not go well in Brazil is the weather. It already happened to me when I spent Christmas in Rio de Janeiro. And now back in Curitiba that there are usually many rainy days. In fact, before coming to Curitiba we were with my wife, and part of my family for a week, in Florianópolis, and the last days of very heavy rain caught us. It was incredible how it rained and did not stop. So much so that out of the 4 hour trip it took to get from Florianópolis to Curitiba we took 20 hours. Everything flooded and also problems with a chemical factory that spread impressive smoke with the rain.

Christmas in Curitiba at the Botanical Garden

Something that we really liked was how they decorate the Botanical Garden, icon in Curitiba, for Christmas. They put up lights, music, and lots of large Christmas decorations for photos. The good thing is that the hours are longer to be able to appreciate the lights at night. What’s more, to my taste during the day it’s not worth going. Of course, you have to be prepared and study how to do it with the iPhone to take photos at night with many lights. Quite a challenge that I did not quite understand!

Merry Christmas!

Definitely, although next Christmas we plan to spend it with the family in Argentina, coming to Curitiba is always something pleasant. I made a video that when converting from .mov to mp4 lost a lot of quality, but at least you can appreciate a little of what the experience was like. Merry Christmas!

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