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If you are passionate about working in the technology industry, this article is all about sharing with you several new business ideas about tech projects you might implement on 2021 as a successful business. Below you will see different alternatives that may be helpful for you to find the idea that you like the most.

Bitcoin mining business

This could be a good deal for those with some investment capital. It will be essential, both for the software as well as for the equipment. Although, you do not have to worry, since the initial investment could be low according to the mining technique you choose. While at the same time, the possibility of making a profit is very high.

For example, if you obtain bitcoins online, you could purchase a plan for approximately $200. But, if you already want an ASIC setup, you’ll probably have to invest around $12,000.

On the other hand, you have to consider that this is one of the technology business ideas with the highest potential risk to start on 2021 (as well as profit, haha). This is because it is not precisely regulated and the profits are not insured.

Extended reality

Extended reality includes not only augmented reality, but also virtual reality. Both fields are going to grow tremendously in the coming years. In fact, many companies are going to use extended reality to stand out from their competition and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

At present, for example, there is “W-in-a-Box” that uses augmented reality. This is a development for bottling ecological water. Thanks to augmented reality technology it is possible to easily reveal the advantages of the product they offer.

Register domains

Registering domains has initial and maintenance costs of less than $5000. Profits from this business can vary astronomically. Everything will depend on the way you set up your marketing campaigns and the company or person who buys the domain you sell.

Become an influencer

If you have a very particular skill or knowledge that not many have, or if it comes naturally to you to be charismatic, it is time you started to get followers. You can also go to an influencer marketing agency to link you with different brands.

Another alternative is to start a business that focuses on matching brands with the right influencers for your products and goals.

3d print

To start in this business you will need an investment of around $8000. Similarly, the estimated earnings are about $50,000. However, this will depend on the way you build your business and the market you are trying to reach.

On the other hand, it is going to be crucial that you have skills to design and create. I recommend training in 3D design, as well as pc software. If you add to this different clients and balanced growth, this option can be a valuable investment.


The number of people consuming podcasting is on the rise. For this reason, if you want to start a business, an excellent idea is to start putting together podcast content.

Robotics business

This is one of the technology business ideas that requires knowledge of physical, electrical engineering, or creativity to bring new products to market this 2021. The important thing is to aim at all times towards business growth.

You have to bear in mind that, although the initial investment will be high, the profit can be unlimited. It is an area in which a great future is seen.

Create prototypes

If you pay attention to details, have a passion for design and know about manufacturing, this may be one of the most suitable technology business ideas for you.

In the years that follow, the demand for prototype design is expected to grow dramatically.

Blockchain services

Blockchain is like a ledger that cannot be modified. It can be shared to track assets, or to record transactions.

Definitely, if you like blockchain technology, you can start your blockchain services business. That is going to require having a high capacity to program or, if not a lot of business skills. In this area you have the possibility to grow without limits.

Another advantage to note is that the initial investment does not need to be high to obtain good returns.

Contender esports franchises

If you’re into games, one of the best tech business ideas is to start a franchise. In addition, it is considered that this business can be sustained in the future.

The initial investment is high because you must pay the amount corresponding to the franchise. It can be between $150,000 and $250,000. In addition to this, you need to have certain liquid assets of approximately $50,000. It is even going to be necessary to have a net worth of $300,000. By the way, remember that I always speak in dollars.

Train from your own home

Fitness apps such as Strava, FitBit and Peloton are currently available. Its goal is to change the way we exercise.

This sector shows constant growth. For example, through smartwatchs with various functions, or through wireless headphones. If you create an app linked to food or physical activity, you have all the chips in place to succeed in 2021 or later.

Home automation

This area continues to grow and more and more homeowners are interested in adding smart technology to their HVAC systems.

To start you would need about $25,000, and then you could already produce a profit of about $150,000 a year.

Which of these businesses did you like the most? Are you ready to start?

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